(2004-05, 2005-06 AND 2006-07)

PART – ‘A’


          The IQAC was constituted by the Sir M.V. Govt. Arts and Commerce College, Bhadravati after the visist of the First Peer Committee  from NAAC.  Its purpose was to encourage development processes and include community services by the staff and students  in addition to the regular academic work. The college realized the need for enhancing research activities and activities designed to help the students in guiding through counseling. All meaningful  functions and special educative and informative programmes arranged by the various departments were arranged with the collaboration of IQAC.  Greater thrust was given to subscribing new books and Journals using the UGC funds judiciously. The Community service of NSS Volunteers and inculcation of discipline and patriotic zeal through NCC continued with greater enthusiasm.











1.Special Lectures for the benefit of students

Arranging Special Lectures

An Orientation Programme is conducted in the beginning of each academic year to familiarize the new students to the curriculum, examination system and rules and regulations of the college. The Eco Club was inaugurated on 15-09-2004 by Mr. R. Udayakumar, IFS, conservator of Forests, Shimoga Circle who  called upon the students to contribute to the Conservation of Flora and Fauna in their own ways. The Dy. Conservator of Forests also delivered a special lecture. 

On 27-11-2004 Kannada Rajyothsava was celebrated with Mrs. Kiran Desai, Prof. of Kannada from KNMNC Shimoga as the Chief Guest who advised the students to be kannadigas in the real sense of the term.

On 1-12-2004 the World Aids Day was observed, a special lecture was arranged and an awareness rally was taken out.

A special lecture was arranged on 22-12-2004 by the Dept. of English.  Prof. T.V. Hegde, from D.V.S. College, Shimoga spoke on the need for Humour and Wit in our life.

Dr. Avinash, a psychiatrist working in England delivered a special lecture  on teenage problem on 6-1-2005.  Swamy Nirbhayanandha of Ramakrishna Ashram, Mysore gave  a lecture on personality development.

On 11-1-2005 Prof. T.V. Hegde introduced practical criticism to literature students.  Another special lecture followed on 27-1-2005 when professor Gururaja rao Bapat fromL.B. College, Sagar spoke on appreciating literature.

Sri. Siddappa, Joint Director of Dist. Industrial Training Centre, Shimoga delivered a special lecture on Small Scale Industries and Government’s plans for the future.

On 11-2-2005 Sri. Venkatesh, Officer in-charge of Kuvempu University Employment Information Centre and the Officer of the Dist. Employment Exchange, Shimoga gave useful information to the students regarding employment opportunities.

On 19-2-2005 Internationally renowned neuro Surgeon Dr. Sathish Rudrappa who happens to be an alumnus of our college, delivered a special lecture on career guidance and counseling.

Mr. Raghavan spoke on Work Culture among the Indians on 31-03-2005.

On 17-7-2006 the eminent writer and critic and HOD of the P.G. department of English Dr. Rajendra Chenni delivered a special lecture on Poetry focusing on the use of tone in poetry.

Another special lecture was given by Prof. T.V. Hegde on sonnets of Shakespeare on 16-9-2006.

On 20-09-2006 Dr. Chenni lectured to the Optional English Students on the topic “Why literature ?”

On 9-2-2007 a programme on Career guidance was held and the speakers included Mr.D.P. Mahaveera Kumar, Senior Manager HRM, MPM and Mr. Sathyanarayana, Manager, Corporation Bank, Jannapura, Bhadravati and Mr.A. Venkatappa, Dy. Chief Employment Information and Guidance bureau.

As  part of Datti special lectures Prof. Jeevandara Kumara Hotapeti addressed our students on 2-3-2007.  This programme was arranged in collaboration with the  taluk sahithya parishath, Dr. Sabita Bannadi also delivered a special lecture on this occasion.

Officials from Jet King a hard ware training institute from Bangalore, addressed our students on 5-3-2007.  Three more special lectures had been arranged during the academic year 2006-07. The first of them was given by the famous kannada writer Smt. Savitha Naghabhushana on 13-3-2007.  This lecture was arranged by the Kannada Forum.  The English Literary Club hosted other two lectures on 14-3-2007 and 15-3-2007 respectively. They were delivered by Dr. Nanjundaiah, the retired principal of DVS College, Shimoga. Who spoke on practical criticism and Dr. Rachael Bari, Prof. of English in PG department, Kuvempu University.  The topic was Feminism.


2. New academic programmes initiated (U.G. and P.G.)

     The college awaits Government’s sanction and approval of the Kuvempu University to start P.G. Courses. 

3. Innovations in curricular design and transaction.

     The college is bound to endorse all regulations of the University which designs and transacts the curriculum, being an affiliated college of the Kuvempu University.

4. Inter disciplinary programmes started.


5. Examination reforms implemented.

     Examinations are conducted as per the rules and regulations laid down by the Kuvempu University.

6. Candidates qualified NET, SLET, GATE etc.,

     Sri Gurunath, guest lecturer in kannada (NET)


7.Initiative  towards faculty development programme.

     The following faculty were deputed to Refresher courses and Orientation programmes.

     Sri. Chandrappa, M.N., Dr. Nagesh, A.C., Sri. Gangaraj, Sri. M.Kiran, Sri. K.G. Srinivas.

Orientation programme :

     Smt. Vidya Maria Joseph, Sri. Umapathi, Sri Sakkrinaik, Sri. B.k. Vishwachandra.

8. Total no. of Seminars / Workshops conducted :

     -Ten special lectures were arranged.

9. Research projects :

    a) Newly implemented - 2

     b) Completed- Nil

10. Patents generated if any:


11. New collaborative research programmes:


12. Research grants received from various agencies:

- Nil

13. Details of Research Scholars.

     1. Srinivas  KG  (2) Umashankar  MG  (3) Kiran  M (4) Umapathi

 Awarded M.Phil., Degree.


14. Citation index of Faculty Members and Impact Factor :

- No.

15. Honors/Awards to the Faculty:

- No.

16. Internal Resource Generated :


17. Details of departments getting SAP, COSIST(ASSIST)/DST, FIST  assistance recognition

- No

18. Community Services :

     NSS : The annual NSS camp was held in the village Aralikoppa during 2006-07. In 2005-06 it was held in Korpalaiah Chowltry, Shimoga.  The NSS Unit of the college conducts camps every year and in 2006-07 Aralikoppa village was chosen for the camp.  The School play ground was cleaned there, about 55 toilet pits were dug, new roads and drains were constructed and a free health check up camp was arranged for the benefit of villagers as well as their animals. Many health, education and  social awareness programmes are arranged in these NSS Camps Even free legal awareness is provided. 

19. Teachers and Officers newly recruited

     The following lecturers were recruited newly by the appointing authority of the Govt. , the KPSC.

1.    Smt. Vidya Maria Joseph – 2006-07.

2.    Sri. Sakkri Naik, 2006-07


 20. Teaching- Non teaching staff ratio:

          2 : 1(30 : 15)

21. Improvements in Library Services :

          Library has been computerized, all the books are bar coded.

22. New Books/Journals subscribed and their value.

          New Journals subscribed were Yojana , Economic and Political Weekly and Banker.

          No. of books bought during 2004-07 – 2,502

          The value of the new books is     Rs. 3,40,305/-

23. Courses in which students’ assessment is introduced and the action taken on student feed back :

          BA/B.COM. and BBM.  Based on the feed back from the students the principal initiates suitable actions.

24. Unit cost of Education :

          Salary drawn by the staff plus maintenance cost  divided by No. of students studied is =  Average Unit Cost – 11,140/-

25. Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and examinations  results, issue of certificates:

          Administration, admissions and examination results are computerized and records are maintained by the office.

26. Increase in the Infra structural facilities :

          New furniture has been added and computers have been installed in the computer laboratory. Xerox and Fax machines have also been purchased.


27. Technology Up gradation :

          The Computers, the newly  installed intercom facility, Xerox and Fax machines, LCD and OHP have helped in up grading the technology.

28. Computer and Internet access and training to teachers and students :

          Computer access is  easy for students and staff in the campus and the faculty is taking voluntary interest in computer training. 

29. Financial Aid to students :

          The college offers various scholarships in addition to those provided by the Govt.

30. Support from the Alumni association and its activities :

          The Alumni association arranges career guidance programmes periodically.  Dr. Sathish Rudrappa, the famous Neuro Surgeon from Bangalore who is himself an alumnus addressed the students as part of a programme arranged by the Alumni association. The Association felicitated Prof. K.S. Kumaraswamy, a noted scholar when he retired in 2005. The Kannada Rajyothsava programme conducted by the association in 2005 was chaired by Prof. M. Chandrashekharaiah.

31. Support from the Parent-Teacher association and its activities :

          The Parent-Teacher association contributes with its inputs to the matters of college administration and discipline.

32. Health services :

          Programmes designed to increase health awareness among students are arranged through special lectures on Aids Awareness, Teenage problems etc., Blood donation camps are conducted annually.

33. Performance in Sports activities :

          The following sports persons have represented the state in the sports mentioned against their names.

          C.S. KUMARASWAMY                         Hand Ball

            B.R. THRISHUL KUMAR


            SUNITA  R D

            ADITHYA B. HEGDE                     - Power Lifting

            Kum. Nethravathi                                           do

            M. KRISHNA                                                 Cricket (University)

            RAGHAVENDRA                                        do

            SRINIVAS                                         -Table Tennis

            HABAKU                                             DO

          Sumathi, Shwetha, Lavanya and Mamata have also participated in the National Hand Ball competitions.       Among the boys Rakhal, Vijayakumar, Sharath and Dhananjaya have represented the state in Hand ball.  Vinod kumar and Shamarao have played Kho-Kho for the Karnataka State team.  Kum. Nethravathi has participated in International Power Lifting Competitions.

34. Incentive to outstanding Sports persons.

          The Sports persons are provided with Uniform and colors when selected to represent the college.  The TA and DA expenses are met by the institutions when they go to other places to represent the college. Winners are given special incentives by the sports department.

35. Students achievements and awards :

          a) Kum. Komala, Final BA was adjudged as the best NSS Volunteer of the state during 2006-07.

          b) Along with Komala, Punith  S participated in the state level RD parade in 2006-07.

          c) Kum. Savitha got the 7th Rank in the Final B.Com., examination of April 2004.

          d) Kum. Padmavathi had the distinction of bagging the 6th Rank in the Final B.Com., examination of April 2005.

36. Activities of the guidance and counselling unit :

          The guidance and counselling unit addresses the emotional and psychological problems of the students, when they are brought before it. Special lectures dealing with teenage problems are arranged regularly.

37. Placement services provided to students:

          The students are allowed to take part in the Job Melas that are held frequently in Shimoga city.  Campus selection in our college has been done once by Progean, a subsidiary unit of Infosys.

38. Development programmes for Non-teaching staff :

          The Non-teaching staff undergo training from time to time in training centres like the DIET in Shimoga and ATI in Mysore.

39. Best practices of the institution :

          Welcome and Send off functions are arranged by the seniors and juniors in the beginning of the year and its end, respectively.  Special Lectures are arranged by experts in the field. Remedial classes are conducted for slow learners. Annual visits to the jail, homes for the aged and places of Historical importance are arranged.

40. Linkages developed with National/Inter-national, academic/ research bodies;

          The Institution is looking forward to it.


41. Any other relevant information the institution wishes to add :



PART – ‘C’

Detail the plans of the Institution for the next year :

          The Institution plans to add P.G. Courses with the Governamental sanction and approval of the University.  More and more programmes in personality development, career guidance and counseling are foreseen.  The need to attend as well as to present papers in seminars has also been stressed upon. Campus selection would be made a regular annual activity of the institution. Arranging exhibition and socio-cultural programmes will be under taken in the future.



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the Co-ordinator IQAC                                   the Chairperson IQAC