Sir M V Govt Arts and Commerce College, Bhadravathi


Imparting quality education embodying goals of excellence in Character, Learning, Research and Social Awareness


a.       To create an environment of learning through a spirit of enquiry

b.      To inculcate interactive abilities for multi cultural experience

c.       To achieve communal harmony through morally upright values

d.      To promote patriotic zeal through integrity of character

e.       To spot and nurture creativity for career oriented initiatives.


 Innovate or Lag Behind




1. Imparting quality education in the fields of social sciences, humanities,commerce and       management studies.
2. Updating students’ and teachers’ knowledge to enable them to face current challenges.
3. Sensitising the students to the threats of social injustice and inequality through gap analysis.
4. Preserving the best values of Indian culture and tradition.
5. Arranging programmes to meet the psychological, emotional and financial needs of the students
6. Promoting and supporting extra-curricular activities like NCC, NSS, sports and cultural activities.
7. Arranging special lectures in emerging areas.
8. Enabling students to acquire soft skills and technical skills through training in skill development.
9. Creating awareness regarding employment for women and gender sensitivity